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Technical details / Material

  • Light colours
    Basic illumination: white, when standing still
    Basic illumination: Adjustable; every colour of the colour spectrum is possible and can be set permanent by hand or via app
    When dancing: Change of colours; every colour of the colour spectrum is possible
  • Technology & Security
    High-power LED with very low energy consumption, so that the lamp remains cold. ROCKY’s extraordinary form allows for a unique spread of light. ROCKY does not fall over and has no dangerous edges. The processed components meet the highest possible standards. Production is in Germany and Poland.

    Implied warranty: 2 years
  • Material & Measures
    Upper shell: Acrylic glass, Satin-ice, translucent
    Sub shell ROCKY Basic & ROCKY Basic Free: Silver andonised aluminium
    Subshell ROCKY Individual: Gold brass in high gloss transparent lacquered or untreated for the development of a natural patina. Several colours (piano black, ice-white, azure blue, italian red and more colours on request) are available.
    Measures: Height 600mm, Width 420mm
    Weight: about 5.000 gram

Use ROCKY everywhere in any situation!

at home in hotels in bars in restaurants in clubs on events on fairs in public places in medical offices

see the pictures